Chimney Cleaning & Inspection

Certified Chimney Sweep

You may not realize how important it is for your home to have an annual chimney cleaning. Although chimneys are designed to safely contain a fire, they are also the source of a deadly buildup of creosote. This substance, if it builds up in sufficient quantities, can cause an extremely destructive chimney fire. The only way to prevent this from happening is an extensive chimney cleaning.

And even more dangerous than a chimney fire is carbon monoxide poisoning. Every year tens of thousands of cases of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning are reported, and tens of thousands more go unreported. CO poisoning kills hundreds every year and costs billions in sickness and lost productivity. And heating appliances – gas, oil and wood alike – are big contributors to those statistics. A blocked or poorly vented gas flue won’t catch fire, but it may kill you anyway.

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For safety’s sake be sure to have your chimney cleaned once a year to prevent CO poisoning or fires resulting from creosote. The only problem is the fact that servicing your chimney is not an easy task. Chimney cleaning is extremely dirty and labor intensive, and many folks simply don’t have the time, energy, tools, or experience to get this dirty job done and done right.

When it comes to choosing the perfect chimney sweep for the job, look to Neighborhood Chimney Service for all your needs in the CT area. Our chimney sweeps will arrive promptly, to get the job done quickly, effectively and safely. We have a 95% on-time arrival rate!

All of us here at Neighborhood Chimney Service in Wolcott, CT are honored to carry on tradition as modern chimney service professionals and continue a trade history that spans multiple centuries. Fortunately through education and technology, the process of sweeping a chimney has become much more efficient, less intrusive and cleaner. Our job is to help customers with services to keep their home and business safe from potential chimney fires and eliminate the potential threat of health hazards that come from improperly installed or serviced chimneys and vents. This improves overall indoor and outdoor air quality. 

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How We Clean your Chimney

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We lay down drop cloths in front of the hearth and we use industrial-sized hepa-filter vacuums to ensure that your home remains dust free and clean as we work on cleaning the inside of your chimney. We use a chimney brush on the end of chimney rods to brush your flu, either from the hearth or the roof, depending on the job. We also power sweep the chimney using power equipment that can spin brushes, whips, or chains and clean areas most companies can’t. Where possible, we will even inspect your chimney with a closed circuit “Chimney Cam.” This shows up any hidden problems we might not be able to see with a visual inspection. We go to the roof to inspect your crown, cap, flashing and mortar joints. When this is all done, we give you a written chimney condition report. We have a strict company policy NEVER to sell unnecessary services. If your chimney DOES NOT need to be cleaned, we will tell you so and charge only a trip charge. 

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Why Chimney Cleaning is Important

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Remember, it’s important to note that proper maintenance of your chimney ensures:

  • The fireplace will continue to properly heat your home more efficiently (saving you money!)
  • Animals are deterred from entering your chimney, preventing disease, damage and smoke backing up into the house.
  • Helps prevent excess heat from being transferred into the house structure.
  • Better draft, leading to better efficiency of your fireplace or furnace and less smoke in the house.
  • Cleaner smoke because your furnace or woodstove burns more efficiently!
  • Inspect to Protect

The NFPA 211 (National Fire Protection Association) recommends annual inspections of all chimneys, fireplaces, and vents. Each year unsafe fireplaces & chimneys cause significant numbers of injuries and deaths, and account for more than $200 Million in property losses. Your chimney system is an important part of your homes heating system. Make fireplaces & chimney inspections part of your yearly maintenance. 

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Inspections Include

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  • Condition of firebox
  • Condition of lintel
  • Condition of smoke chamber

Woodstoves and Furnaces

  • Condition of Connection from appliance to the flue
  • Evidence of carbon monoxide leakage
  • Condition of chimney liner

All Chimneys

  • Check for proper sizing
  • Check for blockages
  • Condition of exterior masonry
  • Condition of inside the chimney (Video inspection when indicated and possible; additional charge)


On the Roof

  • Condition of cap or damper
  • Condition of flashing
  • Condition of crown
  • Overall masonry condition

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Don’t Forget Your Chimney Caps

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A chimney without a cap gets a lot of rain falling straight down into it. Chimney caps not only prevent rain from getting into the chimney top but also birds, animals and debris. It’s ability to prevent direct water damage from rain and blockage caused by animals makes the chimney cover an effective form of safety.


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Five Reasons To Get Your Chimney Cleaned early This Year

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Most people wait until just before the heating season to have their chimney swept. Here are five great reasons to get the job done now.

  1. When the heating season is done, it’s only natural for you to stop thinking about the furnace, fireplace and chimney. But there are benefits to getting ready for the next season early. No waiting around! There is always a long wait in the fall – sometimes 60 days or more. We always feel bad that we can’t get to service loyal customers like you, but the demand in the fall is just overwhelming. By doing your maintenance early, you can get service a lot sooner, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your chimney and flue have been serviced.
  2. Leaving in the residue from the heating season in your chimney flue actually wears out your masonry faster and increases the likelihood that you’ll need costly repairs. Soot and water make acids that deteriorate mortar joints. The process is slow, but leaving the soot in the chimney during the spring and summer months will expose your masonry and flue to the corrosive build up that’s there after every heating season. Having the chimney swept right when the season’s over drastically decreases the likelihood that you’ll need expensive repairs.
  3. Fireplace odors are worst in the spring and summer – the smell can permeate your home and even your clothes! By sweeping and deodorizing your fireplace after the heating season, you can minimize or eliminate that awful smell.
  4. Find the problems before it gets cold. Every year people find that they’ve got heating system emergencies just when they need heat. We trust nothing will be wrong with your chimney, but if there is a problem let’s find out before you need the chimney again!
  5. You will save money, because we offer the Neighborhood Chimney Service Spring Sweep Discount. Since we need to pay our people all year, we offer a discount to reward you for helping us stay busy during the warmer months.

Early chimney maintenance is good for you as well as us. Let us take care of your chimney early this year. 

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$ Chimney Cleaning Pricing $

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  • Chimney Inspection: $99 + Tax
  • Chimney Flue: One Fireplace chimney flue or Oil/Gas heating flue is $154 +tax
  • Additional Chimney Flues: We charge only $50 for any additional chimney cleanings at the time of service. For example (Oil furnace flue and Fireplace flue = $204 + Tax)
  • Pellet Stove Cleaning & Service: Includes scrape, clean and inspect firepot, clean all fans applicable, clean and check seal on glass, clean vacuum lines and exhaust vent/liner $249 +tax
  • Un-Lined Wood or Pellet inserts: Wood or Pellet inserts that aren’t lined and need removal and reinstallation require on-site assessment.

(All Routine Chimney Cleanings include the Chimney Inspection)

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