Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair

Chimney repair is a necessary part of the life of any home. Chimneys are responsible for safely removing hazardous gasses and smoke from a house, and therefore, should not be ignored. Damaged chimneys can lead to house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and smoky fireplaces, among other problems. For this reason, any chimney problem you need fixed is best left to the experts. The following are some of the typical jobs that High’s performs regularly on chimneys we repair.

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney crowns are the area of the chimney at the top that seals the top opening preventing moisture and shedding rainwater stopping the chimney from deteriorating. Often chimney crowns are improperly built or deteriorated. Water entry into a chimney is probably the most common problem and causes the most damage to chimneys. All crowns will crack in time from expansion & contraction, settlement, and poor construction, which cause chimney leaks. Our crowns are built using the highest grade cement and thickness to prevent this from happening again to your chimney. Whether the chimney crown in question involves working with concrete, brick and mortar, or stone Neighborhood Chimney Service has the experience necessary to provide lasting results.

Firebox Repair

The firebox is the section of the chimney system in which a person builds a fire. A proper firebox is lined with firebrick, a substance of refractory ceramic, which can become cracked or weakened after years of use. This area of the chimney is often in need of repair. It is recommended to have a thorough inspection of the firebox every five years or so depending on fireplace usage.

Smoke Chamber Problems

The smoke chamber serves as the support for flue liner. The main problem with smoke chambers is any chamber problem is often difficult to detect due to the majority of the issues originating behind the facial wall. While other components of the chimney may appear fine from the outside the smoke chamber could have problems. A yearly chimney inspection from Neighborhood Chimney Service will alert a homeowner to any smoke chamber problems and can be corrected before any safety issues arise.

Chimney Repointing Services

Are there visible cracks in the bricks or mortar of your chimney? Does the mortar appear to be crumbling? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you may need to get your chimney repointed before the damage gets bad enough that you’ll need a rebuild. This repair referred as tuck pointing, pointing,or spot pointing. Pointing restores the masonry mortar joints between your bricks to eliminate water intrusion, prevent structural compromise, and restores the integrity & aesthetic value of your home or chimney. This type of repair can be used for brick, stone, or block. When done properly, pointing will provide a strong, water-resistant joint that will extend the life of your masonry and prevent future extensive repairs.

Chimney Rebuilding Services

Sometimes there’s nothing for it: you just have to rebuild that leaning, cracking, crumbling, dangerous chimney. With our experience team we’ll make what could be a painful process much less of a headache for you as we scope the project and provide timely, professional chimney rebuilding services. Our chimney builds here at Neighborhood Chimney Service of Wolcott, CT are done safely and effectively. We replace flashing, caps, and clay liners when necessary along with the repair, saving you time and money and making sure the job is done correctly for years to come.

There are two common types of rebuilds of a chimney: partial and full. Partial chimney rebuilds are mostly done above the roof or the top few courses of a chimney, which generally also requires a new crown. Full chimney rebuilds consist of completely rebuilding the fireplace and chimney. This service consists of demolishing the outer layer of brick on a chimney system and adding a new crown. Chimney rebuilds are required when a chimney is leaning, has extensive masonry damage, or vertical cracking has occurred. Chimney repairs with Neighborhood Chimney Service typically include:

  • Setting up of scaffolding and other equipment
  • Removing and hauling away deteriorated brickwork
  • Re-building the chimney as agreed upon with the customer using the closest matching bricks available
  • Meeting all the local code requirements
  • Working safely, effectively, and in a workman like manner
  • Factory-Built Chimney Repairs
  • We offer repairs to factory built chimneys including caps, replacement chimney stacks, and chase covers.



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