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Chimney Liner Installation: Safe, Professional, and Affordable

Keeping your chimney safe and properly maintained is essential for both functionality and safety. Our chimney liner installation CT service specializes in installing all stainless steel liners for wood stoves, pellet stoves, inserts, and oil furnaces. Say goodbye to rotting clay liners and hello to the highest quality stainless steel materials. Our certified chimney liners CT team can safely install a new liner, providing you with maximum safety and peace of mind. Don’t wait until it’s too late, let us ensure that your chimney is functioning properly with a new liner installation today.

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Anatomy of Your Chimney

Regardless if your chimney is used to vent a woodstove, fireplace or furnace, most have clay flue tiles stacked on top of one another, forming a liner called the flue. Your flue liner should be sealed tightly to protect your chimney. Over time, dangers can develop that compromise the efficiency and safety of your home’s chimney that’s why it’s advisable to seek chimney inspection CT services annually. The chimney liner must be maintained and kept in good condition or else smoke, heat, and CO2 will enter the airspace of your chimney and walls causing serious safety concerns, including, but not limited to: carbon monoxide poisoning and fire beyond the designated fire walls.

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Terra Cotta Flue Tile

Terra cotta flue tiles are commonly used to line chimneys because they are cost effective and readily available. When terra cotta flue tiles are stacked, they are to be bonded together using a non-water-soluble refectory cement. Unfortunately, we often find that basic mortar was used. Basic mortar cannot withstand the harsh interior environment in a chimney, especially during Connecticut winters. Over time, most of these will break, crack or be washed away leaving large gaps between areas of flue tile.

Thermal Shock & Cracked Terra Cotta Flue Tiles

Clay flue tiles can’t absorb the rapid rise in temperatures within a chimney. During a chimney fire, the interior of the terra cotta flue tile will expand and heat up significantly faster than the exterior area of the flue tile. The unequal expansion can cause the flue tiles to begin to crack and split apart. While these cracks may appear to be small when the tile isn’t in use, they have the capability to open back up once the tile is heated.
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Three Main Functions of a Chimney Liner


A chimney liner is an essential component of any chimney system, as it helps to ensure the safety of your home and family. One of the primary functions of a chimney liner is to prevent the buildup of creosote and other combustible materials, which can easily ignite and cause a dangerous chimney fire. Additionally, a chimney liner also helps to prevent harmful gases such as carbon monoxide from seeping into your home, which can be deadly if not properly vented. By installing a chimney liner, you can help to protect your home and family from the dangers associated with a poorly functioning or damaged chimney, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your chimney system is functioning safely and efficiently.


A properly installed chimney liner can improve the efficiency of your heating system by reducing the amount of heat lost through the chimney. This is particularly important for older homes with masonry chimneys, which can be very inefficient at keeping heat in the home. It also helps to prevent draft problems that can cause smoke to enter your home. A properly installed chimney liner can help to reduce energy costs and improve overall heating system efficiency.


The corrosive effects of flue gases can cause significant damage to the masonry of a chimney over time, leading to cracks, leaks, and other structural issues. A chimney liner provides an additional layer of protection to the interior walls of the chimney, helping to prevent damage to the bricks and mortar caused by exposure to these corrosive gases. By getting a chimney liner installation CT service, you can extend the life of your chimney and avoid costly chimney repair CT services down the road. Not only does this help to save you money in the long run, but it also ensures that your chimney is functioning safely and efficiently, providing you with peace of mind and comfort in your home.

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Working with Neighborhood Chimney Services in Wolcott, CT is an experience like no other. Our team of experts take great pride in providing top-notch services, from ensuring that your chimney is in perfect working condition to supplying the top luxury brands. Don’t just take our word for it, read the reviews and testimonials from over 180 of our satisfied customers. From prompt and courteous service to efficient and thorough chimney sweep CT work, our team is dedicated to providing the best service in the industry. Trust Neighborhood Chimney Services to keep your home safe and warm, and join the countless other happy customers who have already experienced our exceptional service.

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Service appointment for my chimney and propane insert. Chad did a fantastic job, was very knowledgeable, and educated me on every recommendation he made. Will definitely be returning for future services/repairs.
Sarah Coppola
Sarah Coppola
19:23 09 Apr 24
A+ service!
Katie Valley
Katie Valley
18:35 09 Apr 24
I called Neighborhood Chimney for an inspection. Hector was extremely professional and knowledgeable!!! Several issues were found, one being a serious safety issue. Being aware of my concern, they scheduled me quickly and were able to do the necessary repairs. Needless to say, I was quite relieved and satisfied. Everyone, from Hector, to the office staff, to the technicians exceeded my expectations. I was happy to find a company, who cares about their customers, takes pride in their work and is so professional. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.Gail CraigShelton
Gerry Craig
Gerry Craig
20:51 05 Apr 24
Took many pictures of problems. showed me exactly what they will do. Gave me a fair price for repairs and Hector is very nice. Will recommend this company.
17:42 18 Mar 24
Prompt. Reasonably priced. Knowledgable staff. Latest technology imaging and drone video provided via weblink. I highly recommend this team.
Donald Cullen
Donald Cullen
15:07 13 Mar 24
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez
22:41 05 Mar 24
On time, friendly, thorough, neat and complete. Pete also offered some tips for keeping the unit fit. Everything you'd want from a service company.
david taylor
david taylor
21:23 29 Feb 24
Hector and Pete were great! Very nice & knowledgeable. Took extra care in making sure our carpets were kept clean during a cleaning.
Rebecca Ramirez
Rebecca Ramirez
19:23 27 Feb 24
Hector and Pete were great, they helped me understand our complicated flues and ash pits, cleaned up after the project, I will definitely call them in the future
Michele Twigg
Michele Twigg
15:10 27 Feb 24
Excellent and professional service
Parke Logan
Parke Logan
20:31 07 Feb 24

Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

Stainless steel chimney liners are typically used to re-line chimneys that are cracked, broken or contain deteriorated terra cotta flue tiles. These liners are also used during the chimney liner installation CT service of a new high-efficiency gas powered appliance in which a smaller flue size is needed. Properly installing a UL Listed, tested and properly sized stainless steel chimney lining system is the most popular way to retrofit a chimney that is in need of CT chimney repair or relining service. Neighborhood Chimney Service of Wolcott, Connecticut only installs chimney liners produced by manufacturers that use only the highest quality, certified mill alloy.

Flexible with high acid fighting capability. Listed and tested by UL Laboratories to UL 1777 and ULC-S635 standard for zero clearance installation. 316L liners can be used to vent wood, wood pellet, coal and non-condensing gas and oil fired appliances with efficiencies of 83% or lower. These characteristics make it the best choice for venting all standard efficiency installations. All stainless liners we install come with a Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer!
Used to vent Category I liquid fuel bringing appliances with efficiencies of 84% or higher.
According to the CSIA (, problems such as gaps, cracks and spalling in your chimney’s flue can present serious risks to your home and family, because your chimney can no longer perform its intended function – to safely contain and vent the products of combustion to the outside.
Building codes and fire standards require that chimneys are structurally sound, durable, smoke tight and capable of conveying flue gases to the outside completely and safely.
“If the flue liner in a chimney has softened, cracked or otherwise deteriorated so that it no longer has the ability to contain the products of combustion (i.e., heat, moisture, creosote, and flue gases), it shall be removed and replaced, repaired or relined…” NFPA 211-Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances (2006).
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